Secrets To Professional Growth with Emily Landers | Episode 59

About This Episode…

Today's episode with Emily Landers, CEO of Flight Social Media, is dedicated to those who have a dream job but need a little boost getting there. Let's be honest, that's all of us. Whether that's self-employment or working on a larger team, it's all here for you. She shares her secrets to (not-so-cringey) networking, the purpose of networking and how to do it well. In addition, she shares her story on how it all worked out. Emily story is important, inspiring and so practical for those of us waiting to take the "next step" in our career.

About Emily…

Emily Landers is the author of Take Flight: A guide to navigating postgrad life and the tools you need to launch your career, founder of Flight Social Media, creator of the Take Flight internship program, and Social Media Specialist at Luxe Social Media. Emily’s previous roles include Public Relations and Marketing from boutique agencies to a Fortune 500  company.

She is passionate about college students and recent graduates realizing their gifts and fearlessly pursuing their dreams in the “real world”. Emily seeks to live a life of meaning, believing that there are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.

Emily works to integrate her deeply rooted faith into her everyday life. She loves connecting with like-minded women and hearing about how they balance their careers, family, and friends. Her great loves include her husband, her dog, traveling, exploring her Southern California neighborhood and the hiking trails that surround it, fresh flowers, and encouraging others to pursue their passions. 

Emily lives in California with her husband, Luke, and her golden doodle, Maui.

Some things we mentioned…

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Emily and her dog, Maui

Emily and her dog, Maui