Living Well When Life Falls Apart with Niki Hardy | Episode 67

About The Episode

Niki Hardy, author of "Breathe Again" sits down with Rachel to talk through how to live well when life falls apart. What do we do when we get the bad news we were dreading? How do we react when someone hurts us? Or, why are we not happy when we get that promotion, bonus or car we were wanting? Why does life not feel better?

Rachel and Niki answer these questions in more from real life stories, practices to help you through it all and lots of laughs in between. Enjoy Niki's story through cancer, fun accent and brilliant wisdom.

A Few Things We Mentioned :

She Speaks Conference

Breath Again

Trailer to the Book

“Facebook, Facebook, tell me how my life should look. Instagram, Instagram, tell me who I really am.” -Robert Madu

7 practices for having an abundant life

  • Choose brave.

  • Trust god

  • Find community

  • Be vulnerable

  • Embrace the journey

  • Practice gratitude

  • Reach out

Brene Brown

“Yesterday” the Movie

Downtown Abby

Favorite tea: Bogg Standard Builders Tea