What If Endings Are Actually Beginnings? Farewell, Mary Scott | Episode 61

A letter from Mary Scott…

As tears well up in my eyes, I say farewell as co-host for Behind the Bliss.

Sometimes life consists of redirections and change we never saw coming. This summer has been that for me in so many different ways - pivots, changes and redirections we never expected - and yet, peace. Peace that surpasses understanding. The mystery of God is simply that - a mystery. And sometimes He calls us to the unknown, but we can always walk forth in faith, holding tightly to the promise that He who calls us is faithful. 

As funny and strange as this feels typing out, I can’t say farewell without saying a few thank you’s to the people who have made this journey more than what I ever could’ve imagined.

To my Rachel girl: my co-host, my dream chaser and most importantly, my friend and sister - I love you. Thank you for giving life to a dream and being an integral contributor to my growth as a woman of God. I can’t wait to be in your corner, cheering proudly as your biggest fan and praying for you as you carry this podcast and community onward.

To our community and tribe of BTB listeners, thank YOU. Words will never be able to express the sheer joy it has been to become friends and hang out every week while you do dishes, workout, drive carpool and walk in your neighborhood. When we started this podcast, I had so many different women in mind who would be a part of our listening family: wives, mama’s, friends, sisters… and even though it’s time for me to lay down the microphone as a co-host, I can’t wait to pick up my headphones and become one of the women I had in mind all along who would be on the listening end of real women having real conversations and about the real things of life. As I cook dinner for my husband, spend time in our yard, and find myself on long drives needing to be encouraged, I know Behind the Bliss will always be a familiar, friendly voice that makes me feel not so alone in my mess.

Will you join Rachel and I as we pray through this transition? The best is truly yet to come because of who has been the Pioneer of this project all along: God Himself.

All my love,

Mary Scott

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