What You Wear Matters + Why You Should Care with Jordan Soderholm | Episode 57

About this episode…

Rachel and Mary Scott sit down with Jordan, Able's Fashion Director, to unravel the idea of slow and ethical fashion. Why does it matter? How can we help? Where do I start? All of these questions, and more, are answered in today's episode. Jordan pushes the idea of "progress over perfection" and how to make your next step in creating an ethical wardrobe. She shares next season's trends, her favorites in the fashion world and a few other fashion secrets with us in this episode.

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About Jordan…

From the founding of fashionABLE scarves, Jordan Soderholm has grown from the company’s first intern in 2011 to her current role as Fashion Director, serving as the creative visionary behind ABLE’s modern lifestyle brand. She’s actually the reason ABLE makes their loved and bestselling leather bags - all because she wanted a leather tote herself. Driven by the idea that ethical fashion can be both cool and attainable, Soderholm is constantly finding balance in a trend-forward industry and the timelessness of ABLE’s dedication to social responsibility. 

A few things they mentioned…

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AccountABLE - Able’s Auditing System

Sole Society 

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