What They Don't Tell You About Motherhood with Heather Brown | Episode 56

About this episode…

In this episode, Rachel chats all things motherhood and PPD with Heather Brown. Regardless if you're a new mother, aspiring mother or a woman who is trying to live in health, this episode is for you. Lots of nuggets were dropped about the need for community, soul vs. spirit and a few things that Heather would have wanted to know before her motherhood journey. If you’re someone that needs a pep in their step or is going through a new season, this episode is for you!

A few things we mentioned…

http://mylifewellloved.com - Heather’s Blog

@mylifewellloved - Heather’s Instagram

Love Styles Test

JH Devotional

She Reads Truth

First 5 - Lysa T

Embraced Devotional by Lysa T

Check Your Heart Song - John B Crist