Creating Systems and Routines for Your Life with Madison Whiteneck | Episode 55


About this episode…

In this episode, Rachel dives into strategic conversation with Madison Whiteneck, a virtual assistant with lots of tricks up her sleeves. Madison shares her knowledge on the need for excellence, how to implement routines into your every day and why it’s so important. They chat all things “discipline” and unwrap this idea that discipline creates freedom. If you’re a business owner, have an idea for your next entrepreneurial move or just have a dream that needs a little structure, this episode is for you!

A little about Madison…

Madison Whiteneck is the founder of Keeping the Creativity, a virtual assistant business for creative entrepreneurs. The focus of her business is to inspire others to stay creative and help check off to-dos in order to be fully present for those true passions. Madison currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Keith. Learn more about Madison at!

A few things we mentioned…

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