Ennea-what? The In's and Out's of The Enneagram with Elle Olszewski | Episode 51

About Elle…

In today's episode, Rachel and Mary Scott sit down with Enneagram coach, Elle Olszewski. Elle walks us through all nine types, what they mean, what message each longs to hear and how you can love that person (and yourself) best by having this information. She busts myths, encourages and challenges us to use this as a tool to grow into our most healthy and whole selves for the Glory of God.

Even if you come with a background of knowledge about the Enneagram, or none at all, this episode is for you!

Things we mentioned…

Elle’s email - enneagramwithelle@gmail.com

Elle’s instagram

Beth McCord Online Program

Beth McCord’s instagram

Enneagram Institute Website

“Road Back to You”

“Sacred Enneagram” 

“Road Back to You” Podcast

Sleeping at Last

“Sleeping at Last” podcast

Self to Lose, Self to Find

Chris Hewertz

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Enneagram Diagram

Judah and the Lion album


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Mary Scott Mercer