Finding Comfort During Pain & Grief with Kaitlin Wernet | Episode 49

About This Episode…

In today’s episode, Mary Scott sits down with Kaitlin Wernet. Kaitlin just released her new book “The Book If Comforts”. They talk about what life was like after Kaitlin lost her brother, and the journey she went on with the Lord as she suffered this devastating loss. They discuss how to show up for those in your life who may be going through loss or grief, and how what we believe about God impacts how we mourn in our seasons of suffering on earth.

Kaitlin is a writer and editor, both full-time and freelance, with a degree in mass communications and journalism, emphasis in public relations and a minor in psychology. She is an ENFJ + Enneagram type 7 + Nashville resident fangirl + South Carolina Gamecock + football fan + cat lady (exceptions made for Goldendoodles) + oxford comma hater + Taylor Swift convert + emoji girl lookalike.

You will love Kaitlin!

Things We Mentioned…

Kaitlin’s Website

The Book of Comforts

Kaitlin’s instagram

She Reads Truth

Co-Author Rebecca’s Instagram

Shauna Neiquist - “Bread and Wine”

“Where the Crawdads Sing”

Reese Witherspoon book club

“The Nightingale”

“Daisy Jones and the Six”

“The Night Tiger”

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel show: Amazon Prime

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