Loving Others While You Disagree with Them with Amy Wolff | Episode 45

About this episode…

In this episode, Rachel chats with Amy Wolff about loving others when you disagree with them. We all have those people a part of our story: the ones that you love so dearly but disagree with on (small or sometimes larger) topics that create tension in the relationship. Amy speaks to that tension, asking questions and giving direction on how to move forward with the relationship. She shares her own journey of befriending someone who is quite the opposite of her, the story of losing her brother and how that intertwines into her wanting to love people well and make a difference, and the accidental movement she's created with it all. Cannot wait for you to tune in and start finding those ways to empathize with those around you.

About Amy…

Amy is a passionate, rule-following people-person redeemed by God. Professionally, she is a speaker coach who helps business professionals and TEDx speakers develop their messages and deliver them well. Amy is also the founder of the Don't Give Up Signs Movement, a global movement that began in 2017 by staking 20 encouraging yard signs in her town of Newberg, Oregon. 

When Amy's not coaching clients or running the movement, she's leading teams to Rwanda, taking her two young girls (Avery 8, Harper 5) to the local bakery for treats, and watching football with her husband of 13 years, Jake. Amy also loves engaging in difficult conversations that end with deeper empathy and love, buying an unreasonable amount of house plants, and loves vacuum lines in her carpet.

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