Making a House a Home by Organizing + Simplifying with Tara Bremer | Episode 42

About this episode…

In this episode, Rachel sits down with Tara Bremer. Tara is the founder of House Peach which is based in Birmingham Alabama and exists to organize and simplify homes.

It’s bigger than company, though. Tara shares her heart behind what it means to have an orderly home and what it does for your family, and yourself, when things are put where they belong.

It’ll all was birthed through the Bremer’s adoption story where Terra so I need to create a safe space in her home for her family after adopting from China.

If you need a little bit of order brought to your mess, if you need your stress levels to be taken a few notches, or if you’re interested in the adoption process then this episode is for you.

A few things we mentioned…

International adoption clinic


Turbo tax

Day Designer

J story

Tara’s true crime post 

Marco Polo 

The Lazy Genius 

PopCast podcast 

House Peace on Instagram

House Peace Website