Trading Perfection for Grace with Danielle Chiepalich | Episode 32

About Danielle…

In today’s episode, Rachel sits down with her friend Danielle Chiepalich. She is a mama and a wife and a makeup artist! She and her husband, AJ, have a story that meets everyone right where they are… In the midst of their struggle with sin, God showed up and rocked their world. Danielle shares the story of reconciliation, forgiveness and consequences followed through with goodness and blessing because we serve a good and gracious God.

If you’re walking through complacency in sin, have convinced yourself that your sin “is just not that bad,” have habits to break, unhealthy routines that grip you and shame that consumes you, friend, this will speak to you.

We let go of perfectionism, put up banner the banner of “victory” over us and share some really neat moments in today’s episode. I hope you enjoy.

Things We Mentioned…

Love Does by Bob Goff

You are Loved Ellie Holcomb

21 Days of Prayer

Danielle on Insta