Seasons of Singleness with Sarah Parker Mounce | Episode 30

About Sarah Parker…

In today’s episode, Mary Scott sits down with her friend Sarah Parker Mounce. Mary Scott recently became friends with Sarah Parker when she moved to Columbia. Sarah Parker is a podcaster on her podcast A Single Double Named Girl, and is also a single woman. Rachel and Mary Scott both knew that a lot of our audience would crave Godly wisdom from someone who has wrestled through and is wrestling through singleness and Sarah Parker offers such meaningful perspective on contentment in this episode.Her honesty and her bravery to tackle such difficult questions and topics, and her willingness to let the Lord use her even in a season she would never desire for herself is a true testament of her faith and trust in God. We pray that if you find yourself in a similar season of singleness and even just dissatisfaction from life, that you would be reminded of God’s truth. That He really and truly is working ALL THINGS for His glory and our good.  Thanks for joining us today!

Things we mentioned in our conversation…

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