Diet Culture & The Holiday Season With Dylan Murphy | Episode 26

About Dylan…

In this episode, Mary Scott and Rachel sit down with their friend Dylan Murphy! We were all friends at Clemson so it was so fun to sit down together for an episode. Dylan is a registered dietician who is on mission to free her clients from the curse of diet culture. Dylan practices a non-diet and Health at Every Size (HAES) approach.

Do you desire to be healthy but feel lost in the ever-changing world of food trends (looking at you quinoa and Keto Diet)? Does the thought of giving up your daily latte make your palms sweaty? Does "being healthy" in your mind mean spending hours in the kitchen chopping vegetables? Living in a world where a new diet or fitness trend pops up every 30 seconds, Dylan knows it can be misleading to determine what a healthy lifestyle entails. If you feel the pain, she is your girl.

In this episode we talk about diet culture and tips and tricks heading into the Holiday season with a plan to stay healthy and also enjoy this season! Can’t wait for you to listen!

Things We Mentioned…

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