The Female Body: The Good, Bad and Ugly with Zane Mahone | Episode 23

All about Zane…

Zane developed PCOS and some eating disorders throughout high school and college and had a tendency to focus on how the world saw her. She and her husband, Will, got married right out of college and she entered a stage of no longer being able to please the world. She said she was “graciously forced to find Him”. By doing so, she learned to care for her body as His temple. He showed her what it actually looks like to trust His will and timing. Recently, Zane was able to go back to school to be certified in Integrative/Holistic Nutrition and Hormone Health! And today, on this episode, she gets to share His message through a holistic lifestyle story. 

A few things we mentioned…

“Back to Eden”

Zane on Insta

Bloom Studio - where Zane teaches classes

“Woman Code” by Alisa Vitti

“Captivating” by Stasi Eldredge

To purchase essential oils, contact Zane and she can get you hooked up!