Loving Yourself Through Seasons of Transition with Mary Scott Mercer | Episode 02

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In this episode, Rachel interviews Mary Scott and they talk about everything from health and wellness to navigating seasons of pain and loss. Mary Scott shares about how she met her husband, what it has been like to transition into life as an Army wife, and some of her favorite resources for health and wellness.

Mary Scott mentions the idea of "mana" and Exodus 16 when God poured down mana from the sky for the Israelites to eat and live off of. But, mana is only good for that one day, you can't bare the weight of the days to come and you can't live off of the mana from yesterday. The beauty is in today's mana.

A challenge for you: are you living off of the mana from yesterday, a few weeks ago, last year? Look for the mana today, search for what God has for you in this moment rather than tomorrow's or yesterday's.

She also mentions the loss of a parent, their sickness and what that's taught her about taking care of her own body. Mary Scott loves learning new information about the way our bodies work, what's best for them and how to love ourselves well regardless of what our season looks like. 

A few things she mentioned...

About Mary Scott...

On a normal day, I’m finding a way to sweat, working in my bathrobe from my home office, or listening to podcasts on anything from wellness to marketing strategy. I am a coffee addict and I love nothing more than scooting away to a tiny corner to type and read words. I also really love dance parties in my kitchen.

I am passionate about women knowing and remembering who they are in Christ, because identity affects every aspect of how we live our life. When women live from this place, it invites other people to do the same, creating a ripple effect of women striving to become the best versions of themselves.  I hope this is made so evident through each episode on Behind the Bliss!

When I am not working, I am probably reading food blogs or venturing to new local coffee shops & restaurants around our coastal town.


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