5 Ways to Find "Beautiful" in the Midst of a Broken World | Episode 06

Capture beautiful moments #BehindMyBliss

We serve a God who is in the details of our life. We are challenging ourselves to seek out beauty in our every day life moments by taking pictures of them. If you want to share them with us on social media, make sure to hashtag #BehindMyBliss! We would love to see your moments!

An example of Mary Scott capturing a beautiful moment after a rainstorm in Savannah. 

An example of Mary Scott capturing a beautiful moment after a rainstorm in Savannah. 

Gratitude Journal

One Thousand Gifts  by Ann Voskamp

When we jot down prayers and stories of where God has shown up, we can trace His hand of faithfulness from the past to give us the courage to believe He will show up again for the future.

We were created to live in perfection, and yet we don’t live there. How do we process this reality? Through a lens of eternal hope, and seeking the Lord in the mundane things of life. Having a gratitude journal is such a practical way to make sure you can capture these moments every day. 

Random acts of kindness

Our hearts can overflow with love when we express kindness to others with generosity. This doesn't have to be financial. You can be generous with your money, time, talents, and energy!

Pray for and encourage friends

No matter who the person is, praying for someone continually will allow for love and compassion for that person in your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit, “what is it that this person is needing to hear”. Maybe it’s “you’re beautiful” “you’re seen” “you are so brave” something up lifting. Praying Philippians 1:3-11 over friends and leaving a fill in the blank for their specific names. 

Meditate on truth

The story we tell ourselves matter; we will always navigate in the direction we focus most.  It's important to find scripture and memorize scripture because they will become your FIGHTING WORDS (thanks for that name, Ellie Holcomb!) Maybe you're in a fruitful season, and it seems easy to spend time apart from reading God's Word. BUT spending time in the Word also prepares for seasons that come in the future that may be crippling.

Let's claim our God given identity, rather than one given to us by the world. 

Challenge: how can you add or remove things in your daily life that will make a positive change on your thought life?

Mary Scott's Battle Songs Playlist!

Thanks for listening, friends!


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