Nurturing Your Friendships Through Thick and Thin with Shae Tate | Episode 05


About Shae Tate

Shae Tate is a twenty-something in Charlotte, North Carolina, working alongside Lysa TerKeurst and the amazing team at Proverbs 31 Ministries. She enjoys showing off her fairly new hometown to family and friends, initiating (maybe sometimes too frequently) coffee outings with her co-workers to fight the ole afternoon slump, and learning about what the whole adulting journey is about one step at a time. She is passionate about celebrating the amazing, God-sized and God-ordained potential inside of each and every person. She has made it her personal goal in life to be the biggest cheerleader to every single person in her life, which she knows is only possible through Jesus (and a lot of caffeinated beverages).

Shae vulnerably shares her struggles and discusses how we can pursue the Lord in the midst of our own personal plans shattering, and talks about how those hard moments taught her to be a better follower of Christ, friend to others, and overall person who understands hard seasons in a healthy perspective. Shae believes that hard seasons have the capacity to reap the most beautiful fruit when we choose to pursue the Lord in the midst of them. He isn't afraid of things, so we don't to be either.


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