We sure are! We’re looking for someone to join the BTB team to take on admin responsibilities, someone with an eye for design, can whip up some graphics, social media management expertise and to fill in other necessary gaps.


You’re perfect for this if:

You have a knack for design, a keen eye for writing, grammar and copy, experience in photography and graphic design, love to travel, plan events, manage content and social media. We’re looking for a “team member,” someone who can champion and support but also create and innovate ideas that need to be brought to the table. Do you call yourself “organized” and keep your planner on you? Are ya spunky and have a heart for loving on women and growing community? We think you might be our gal!

Have further questions? Email us at hello@behindtheblisspodcast.com.

Apply below

Name *
About the show layout, social media, website, it could be anything! Nothing is "off-limits!"
What software have you worked with before? What is your experience level? Tell us a bit about your confidence in these programs.
Include your wing and a fun fact about yourself and how it relates to your enneagram number.

Please submit a mood board for what you see the Behind the Bliss Brand to be with any additions/changes you would make on your own as PDF attached to an email sent to hello@behindtheblisspodcast.com with “Your Name - Applicant” as the subject. Feel free to attach any other portfolio related material you would like for us to review in this process.

Lastly, please submit a 2-3 minute video explaining why you would be an asset to the Behind the Bliss team and brand using Loom in the same email. The video will export as a link that you can copy and paste into the body of the email.